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"Her tone is that of a wise older sister who’s been there, done that and learned more than a few helpful life lessons (some she’s still learning) ranging from sex ('A Vagina Is Not a Time Machine') to body image ('Realize Your Size Doesn’t Matter')." - interview with Rachel Kramer Bussel on Real Artists Have Day Jobs

"Though the collection of essays starts with advice for artists, the author (who has written some truly wonderful essays for Playboy) wanders far afield, into sex advice, career advice, relationship advice and advice on what to do when your new adorable puppy poops, pees, vomits and has its period in your spanking clean bathroom."- interview with Noah Berlatsky on Real Artists Have Day Jobs

"The evidence of Benincasa's artistry is a lot more substantial now than it was when she was also a janitor. After spending many years grinding it out in offices by day and writing and performing comedy at night, she has become an in-demand writer in many mediums. First there was her memoir, Agorafabulous, then came Great, her YA reimagining of The Great Gatsby, followed by an original semi-raunchy...novel, DC Trip, for which she recently got a deal to write the screenplay for an eventual film. (Not to mention the Agorafabulous TV pilot she wrote for Ben Stiller's Red Hour and Diablo Cody.) It's the experiences that helped Benincasa build her current platform, though, that inform her latest book, Real Artists Have Day Jobs (And Other Awesome Things They Don’t Teach You In School)."- interview with Joe Berkowitz on Real Artists Have Day Jobs


The Focus Group

"F*cking hilarious." - Bust magazine 

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"Ready to see your new favorite short film? It’s called The Focus Group, and it’s the brainchild of comedian/author/feminist/all-around badass Sara Benincasa…a touching, funny, and vulnerable short film you’ll want to forward to all your friends." - Winona Dimeo-Ediger for HelloGiggles


"Sara Benincasa's comedy is as thought-provoking as it is funny...[an] inspiring journey."

"One of today's most promising comic actresses."

“Utterly hilarious”

One of "Our Favorite Female Comedians."


“Delightfully loopy”

"One of 25 Female Comedians Everyone Should Know."

“Up and coming”

“Freaking hilarious”


“Increasingly surreal and madcap”

"She has the brass, folks"


"Hilarious and sometimes horrifying"

"Hilariously dark new memoir"

"You'll be amazed at how much fun it can be to read about such difficult circumstances."

"A blisteringly funny yet affecting debut memoir...Fabulously quirky and outrageous."

"Funny and unflinchingly honest."

“Agorafabulous! is laugh-out loud funny, even as it’s taking on deadly serious issues.”

"A comedian that provides more than laughs is quickly endeared to’s for similar reasons that I heartily enjoyed comedian Sara Benincasa’s memoir."