The Rumble: A Storytelling Show

UCB Sunset, 5419 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

"The Rumble" is that moment where you get brave enough to own your story. Sounds deep right? Well we didn't make that up. Shame and vulnerability researcher Dr. Brene Brown did. Screwing up is quintessential to the human experience. And luckily it tends to lead to the funniest stories.

Join our super vulnerable and shame-familiar hosts Nicole Shabtai (American Dad, Broad City, Filthy, Preppy Teen$) and Laura Willcox (Inside Amy Schumer, You're The Worst) as they invite some of the best stand ups and storytellers in LA to come and Rumble.

So cancel your therapy session, remove that self-help book from your Amazon cart, and come Rumble with us instead. It may not be as effective, but it'll definitely be cheaper.

Sara Benincasa (Corporate, Real Artists Have Day Jobs) George Kareman (Search Party, Silicon Valley) Nick Kocher (Saturday Night Live, BriTANick)